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Creative set for decorating Halloween pumpkins

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The Halloween holiday is becoming more and more loved by children, but also by adults. Every year, the houses are decorated in shades of autumn, with rusty leaves and orange pumpkins. And because all children love to implement any creative idea, do not miss the pumpkin decorations. Therefore, we would look for the roundest and lightest pumpkins, we added the ingredients until works of art and we came in front of the princes with a complete creative solution. This way, you no longer have to hit the roads to find everything you need.

The creative set consists of a round and orange pumpkin about 30 cm in diameter, a set of 3 brushes: thin, medium and flat and the set of colors needed for a real creation. The paints are water-based, non-toxic and can be used without affecting the child's health. All the purchased packages receive an accessory, in order to decorate their pumpkin as original as possible: hats, headbands, eyes, stickers and wooden airbase for finishing.

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Materials Decor Pumpkin

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