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Christmas Gift Pack - Golden Christmas Delice


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The Christmas set - Golden Christmas Delice is a perfect GIFT for your loved ones. It's the gold set, in which we put everything we like: sweet marshmellows for #coffee, along with a special cup, delicate #ferrerorocher candies, a #christmasdecor to hang in the Christmas tree (hand-painted or filled with the magic of Christmas made of natural lichens ), not missing the lollipop with a touch of red and a suitable greeting card, to write a message of longing and love to those who will receive it. And all this, placed on a soft bed of snow and stars ⭐️???? to bring the joy of Christmas wherever it stops. And the joy will be hidden in a wooden box, hand-painted with our enchanting work "Golden Christmas"! It is a premium product that will delight the senses of anyone who will receive it and will certainly appreciate it. The set continues: - 10 cm glass globe, hand painted; - Ceramic mug with gold decoration, applied by sublimation; - a bag of about 50gr. marshmallows Moi; - 5 Ferraro Rocher candies individually packed in gold coating; - a Christmas model lollipop; - Greeting card printed in photo quality on matte paper; - wooden work box, size 24x24x10 cm, hand-painted with the original work ARTelier - Golden Christmas.

Product Details
Materials Box: wood Christmas Globe: glass Mug: ceramic
Size Box: 24x24x10 cm Globe: 10 cm

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