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"Light and love" gift box

"Light and love" gift box

The "Light and Love" box is the younger sister of the box released in March, called the "Thank You" box. The new gift concept, created 100% by hand. Made in 2 variants, made of cardboard or wood, it is the right gift for any budget. When you can't find the time to look for the right gift, you can call the "Light and love" or "Thank you" box. It is not a gift for a particular occasion. It can be a gift for a martisor, for Christmas, for godparents, for friends or for anyone who feels the need to thank her or tell her that you appreciate and love her.

What exactly is this box? It is a new concept, designed to offer products created by Romanian artisans, handmade products with love and maximum attention. I stayed, I searched and I finally found the perfect products to be given away.

What does the "Light and love" gift box contain? It contains the elements of a heartfelt wish. As its name suggests, it is completed by a porcelain coffee cup with gilded inserts, hand-painted with the same pattern as the box, in which is poured a scented candle and in the same thematic color and 3 angel wings, created by Fuioru 'enchanted, handmade from clay and painted, which expresses emotions, wishes to the person who will enjoy receiving this gift.

The painting can be modified in any theme, from the existing ones or new ones. Thus, instead of the cherry blossom, you can opt for poppy, lilac, roses, anemone, sunflower, lavender. The color theme will also change depending on the color of the flower, to form a whole.

The transport in Bucharest is done personally, in the Unirii area or by courier, for a fee, depending on the distance.

For other details and orders, use the e-mail address

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