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Wedding & Baptism

Wedding & Baptism

The story of each newlywed couple or those who have many memories together is unique and beautiful. Special for each one. That is why we welcome the bride and groom with proposals for hand-painted glasses, with unique themes, depending on the story of each couple. We are waiting for you with a few words about your story, the theme of the wedding or what you consider to be important for your story and we will offer you the most beautiful glasses. Hand painted. They are high quality glasses, made of glass or with crystal content, in the most attractive and fine variants on the market. The paint used for painting them is water-based paint, special for glass, with fixing in the oven. The maintenance of the painting is done normally, with hot water and dishwashing detergent. They can be washed even in the car, without affecting it. Our recommendation is to wipe the glasses with microfiber cloth to avoid scratching both the paint and the glass.

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Pahare pictate manual pentru miri "Elegant wedding purple"
Pahare de nunta pictate manual, potrivite pentru o nunta in nuante de mov. Un model elegant si rafinat, cu imaginea dantelei pictata in diverse nuante. Am folosit mov inchis si alb sidefat. La comanda, se poate opta pentru alte culori...
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